As you schedule meetings and events over the next few weeks, keep in mind that colleagues may observe the upcoming Jewish holidays. Below is a helpful poster to keep and circulate in your organization to create more awareness about these holidays.

Camille from Real Talk & Brave Spaces suggests accompanying the poster with the following text if you plan to circulate the poster.

Jewish holidays are coming! Why should you care? These holidays could greatly impact your Jewish colleagues’ and partners’ schedules. As such, you may want to avoid planning critical meetings or other events on these days to be inclusive and considerate of others.

Non-Christian religious holidays and traditions are rarely factored into the planning of events or meetings and as a result, many non-Christians often feel torn between observing their faith/celebrating with their family and being at that “important” meeting. Imagine a department-wide meeting being scheduled for Christmas Day — ridiculous, right?

The chart above lists key Jewish holidays taking place in the next few weeks and provides a high level description of the holidays.

Being inclusive means considering all the ways that you can acknowledge and celebrate the culture of others, and this requires a look at how the meetings and events you schedule may be impacting the holidays and observances of others. If you’re not sure if your meetings impact your coworkers, ask them. With these Jewish holidays coming up, now is a great take to reflect and make some scheduling adjustments, if possible, to incorporate your colleagues.

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