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Why PracticalESG? Why Now?

The ESG space has recently seen unprecedented change globally. It is estimated that between 300 and 600 individual ESG investment rating/evaluation models exist. Hundreds of billions of dollars are flowing into ESG-tagged investments. In the first few months of the Biden administration, regulatory initiatives across multiple agencies have moved at light speed. The plethora of ESG/sustainability reporting frameworks have recognized the current market fragmentation and agreed to various forms of consolidation and collaboration, but the idea of a global reporting standard remains far off, and isn’t universally supported. 

These massive and rapid developments, while positive and arguably overdue, are creating massive confusion and anxiety for corporate boards, executives and management.  Moreover, ESG is a multidisciplinary matter, meaning many companies and their advisors spread functional capabilities across departments that may not otherwise communicate or work together. In summary:

  • ESG management and reporting is moving from voluntary to mandated
  • The environment is changing very rapidly from multiple angles
  • ESG responsibilities are spread across multiple departments, each having a combination of both unique and shared information needs
  • Currently, information on ESG is overly specialized (e.g., academic or investment studies), technical (e.g., data management) or not practicable (e.g., sales pitches or too generalized)

Specialist advisors are expensive, incentivized by billable hour goals and tend to have perspectives limited to a particular function (legal, HR, IT, etc.). is a trusted source of ESG guidance and updates, curated by experienced and recognized practitioners who emphasize practicality, usability and appropriateness of information. 

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