I’m thrilled to share that Ngozi Okeh has joined our team, to provide practical insights on promoting and measuring the impact of diversity, equity and inclusion. You will be seeing her name on PracticalESG.com blogs! Ngozi and the rest of our team are also hard at work to build out a membership site that will provide even more resources on this important and rapidly evolving area.

Ngozi has an impressive background and a demonstrated passion about the different stakeholder dimensions of DEI. She is the Director of DEI at an independent mortgage bank that has 3600 employees in 49 states. Her full bio is available on our “Authors” page.

In addition to leading efforts to promote employment for underrepresented group in the mortgage banking industry, Ngozi has also spearheaded external initiatives to promote access to home ownership for under-banked communities. During her first three years, her work resulted in a significant increase in the recruitment, engagement, and retention of diverse employees in addition to increased production of over 10 million dollars by empowering communities of color.

I’m already learning from Ngozi and I can’t wait for you to be able to benefit from her insights on the enormous issue of DEI. More details will be coming soon. You can welcome Ngozi and share ideas with her at nokeh@ccrcorp.com.

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