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Keeping you in-the-know on environmental, social and governance developments

Find the answers to our commonly asked questions here.

General ESG Questions

What does ESG stand for?

ESG stands for Environmental, Social and Governance.

Why is ESG a hot topic right now?

Investors and policy makers have made ESG a top priority for action. Consumers, to a large extent driven by millennials, are making financial, purchasing and employment decisions based on ESG attributes of products and companies. As alluded to above, individual investors also want to put money into companies that do “social good,” and asset managers are claiming that they have funds that do that, but there is no accepted way to measure those claims. Regulation of investors in this area is coming and will spur demands from investors that companies provide more accurate and comprehensive information.

Even outside of the “shareholder demand” framework, companies themselves are finding new opportunities and advantages in ESG initiatives – cost savings, consumer opportunities. Companies are also confronting ESG risks – stranded carbon-producing assets, fire-related bankruptcies, new risks for buildings that are located in areas affected by climate change. There is an ongoing debate about whether the “purpose of the corporation” is to benefit shareholders versus society at large, and that is playing into greater demand for ESG transparency, including media coverage and legislative hearings. Climate change impacts have become more obvious and painful, global supply chains have highlighted human rights violations and environmental degradation. Social media is a conduit through which these issues are amplified and communicated around the world instantly. There is a lot of risk and a lot of opportunity.

Questions About

Why and why now?

ESG is not new – but it has evolved over the course of many decades from a pure compliance, “check-the-box” matter into a topic that stakeholders expect to be expressly integrated into corporate strategy. 

The ESG space has recently seen unprecedented change globally. It is estimated that between 300 and 600 individual ESG investment rating/evaluation models exist. Hundreds of billions of dollars are flowing into ESG-tagged investments. In the first few months of the Biden administration, regulatory initiatives across multiple agencies have moved at light speed. The plethora of ESG/sustainability reporting frameworks have recognized the current market fragmentation and agreed to various forms of consolidation and collaboration, but the idea of a global reporting standard remains far off, and isn’t universally supported.

These massive and rapid developments, while positive and arguably overdue, are creating massive confusion and anxiety for corporate boards, executives and management. Moreover, ESG is a multidisciplinary matter, meaning many companies and their advisors spread functional capabilities across departments that may not otherwise communicate or work together. In summary:

  • ESG management and reporting is moving from voluntary to mandated
  • The environment is changing very rapidly from multiple angles
  • ESG responsibilities are spread across multiple corporate departments, each having a combination of both unique and shared information needs
  • Currently, information on ESG is overly specialized (e.g., academic or investment studies), technical (e.g., data management) or not practical (e.g., sales pitches or too generalized)
  • Companies and their advisors need trusted, practical guidance about concrete steps they need to take to address ESG risks & opportunities

Specialist advisors are expensive, incentivized by billable hour goals and tend to have perspectives limited to a particular function (legal, HR, IT, etc.). is a trusted source of ESG guidance and updates, curated by experienced and recognized practitioners who emphasize practicality, usability and appropriateness of information.

What is and what resources are available? is a trusted source of practical ESG guidance and updates. We curate and filter the deluge of external information using experienced practitioners emphasizing practicality, usability and appropriateness of information. Original content is developed by our staff of experienced ESG practitioners and recognized external experts to be useful, not theoretical. It will improve ESG quality and save companies money on outside consulting and legal fees, both because they can find answers themselves (including by using checklists and curated memos, and asking anonymous questions on our Q&A forum), and also because it will allow them to have more productive and efficient conversations with their advisors. It will improve advisors’ ability to deliver quality, efficient advice and compete in the crowded consulting space. It will give confidence to anyone who needs to get their arms around making and demonstrating ESG progress. includes:

  • Blogs
  • Checklists
  • Handbooks
  • Podcasts
  • Q&A forum
  • Surveys
  • Webcasts with transcripts

Who would benefit from a membership?

  • In-house and external lawyers and advisors involved in securities, governance, compliance, environmental, supply chain, M&A and international trade issues, human rights, diversity/equity/inclusion, human resources and employment; ESG/sustainability/CSR practitioners; 
  • Auditors
  • Operations
  • Finance
  • Strategic planning and procurement staff
  • Marketing/communications 
  • Investor relations
  • And more…

Who are the ESG experts?

Our Editors and Advisory Board Members represent a wide range of ESG expertise from law firms, in-house counsel, climate scientists, IT, corporate governance practitioners, academics, auditors and accounting. Our experts provide ongoing feedback on the experience, marketplace developments and curate original expert content.

Are there any free resources available?

Yes! You can subscribe to our daily blogs for free. By signing up you’ll receive daily updates with in-depth, pragmatic coverage of issues arising under each of the ESG pillars.

What topics does cover? covers corporate activities and outcomes that impact the health of the planet and that affect communities, employees and other workers in the supply/service chain. Check out our Subject Areas to see out the full list of topics covered.

Why do I need

The original content developed by our experienced ESG practitioners will help you to improve ESG quality while optimizing your billable hours.

Easily find the answers you are looking for and use the information you find to have more productive conversations with your advisors. Gain confidence when it comes to making and demonstrating ESG progress.

Questions About a Membership

How do I sign up for a membership?

For more information about our memberships or multi-user licenses, connect with a specialist by filling out this form or calling us at (800) 737-1271. If you would like to purchase a single-user license, you may purchase online here

How much does an annual membership cost?

  • Single User – $2,295
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How do I pay?

To purchase a membership, please call (800) 737-1271 option 1 or email

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What do I do if I can’t log into my account?

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Will I be refunded if I cancel my membership?

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