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Keeping you in-the-know on environmental, social and governance developments

Here are 10 practical tips on how ESG leaders/staff — who may be unfamiliar with working alongside their boards — can maximize the effectiveness of their presentations, messaging and overall communication to boards.

10 Tips for How ESG Leadership and Staff Can Support Company Boards Guidebook

Lawrence Heim

This guidebook is split into two parts, the first discusses materiality in its various forms the second dives deep into step-by-step instructions for designing and implementing an ESG Materiality Assessment.

How to Conduct an ESG Materiality Assessment Guidebook

Zachary Barlow

Based on the SEC’s proposal, this sample disclosure helps guide you through what to expect in drafting your company’s greenhouse gas reporting. Sample Disclosure for SEC Climate Disclosure Proposal

Board oversight of ESG issues — or the lack thereof — has become a hot topic. Pressure is mounting for companies to ensure they have good governance practices. Use this guidebook to learn how to utilize your Audit Committee in ESG to oversee data, frameworks, processes, and risk management.

The Role of the Audit Committee in ESG Oversight

Lawrence Heim

The FTC regulates how US companies market their products. Companies that make misleading or deceptive marketing statements can have enforcement actions brought against them. Use this guide to learn what the FTC expects regarding environmental marketing and how to avoid regulatory action and civil litigation.

Using the FTC’s Green Guides for Marketing

Lawrence Heim

By heightening director awareness of ESG issues and encouraging boards to integrate ESG considerations into their decision and policy-making processes, boards can build a working knowledge of the ESG risks and opportunities relevant to their business.

Increasing Board ESG Competence

Navigating the new complex world of sustainability & ESG using practical business approaches, good data, and plain language.

Killing Sustainability

Lawrence Heim

Risk reduction, or something to that effect, is among the claimed benefits of corporate ESG programs and initiatives. While this appears to make sense on its face, there are hidden traps when attempting to quantify risk reduction values of ESG.

E&S Risk Reduction Concepts and Valuations Guidebook

ESG professionals must be prepared for a certain amount of internal negativity based solely on the perception by others in the organization. This guidebook is intended to help evaluate various aspects of staffing considerations in setting up your ESG program to maximize the potential for success.

Considerations in ESG Staffing Guidebook

Without a common basis or language for doing so, many different approaches developed in the way sustainability/ESG matters are communicated. This handbook provides updated guidance on communicating the business value of ESG initiatives to others in a way that results in a higher likelihood of success.

Communicating ESG Value Guidebook

Internally generated environmental and social (E & S) data forms the basis of external ESG disclosures, communications, and the underlying metrics. This handbook provides guidance on ways to validate E&S data generated by reporting companies.

E&S Data Validation Guidebook

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