We’ve been blown away by the number of people who subscribed to this blog since we launched it on Earth Day – although it’s not a complete surprise, given companies’ need for useful information.  

As we previewed at that time, our eventual goal for PracticalESG.com is to not only offer this as a free blog that ties together the most important overarching ESG issues, but also make it a portal to membership-based sites that provide a deeper dive on specific Environmental, Social & Governance issues that corporate ESG teams and their advisors are grappling with – regardless of the stage of their ESG journey. Like our existing sites, which are used by over 70% of the S&P 500 and 90% of the AmLaw 100, these sites will have a Q&A forum, checklists, and other valuable resources. 

Many corporate governance practitioners are already familiar with TheCorporateCounsel.net, which has been going strong for nearly 20 years and is where our practical “Governance” guidance will continue to live. We’re excited to share that our Environmental resource, EcoGuidepost.com, will be coming in the next few months – with a Social resource to follow. Members can subscribe to individual sites – or bundle E, S, and G resources together for a complete package. We’ll continue to share insights on this free blog as well. Stay tuned for more details!

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