We’re continuing to prepare behind the scenes for our upcoming ESG membership site. As I’ve mentioned, Ngozi, Liz and I, along with others, will be providing even more in-depth resources on Environmental, Social and ESG oversight issues – in the format that thousands of companies and law firms have come to know and rely on.  

Here are some of the things that we are itching to share with our new members when we launch in the coming months:

  • Practical checklists! These will help you take real steps for topics like avoiding greenwashing/greenwishing, creating an ESG-supportive corporate culture, using your internal audit department in ESG data verification and incorporating ESG into M&A due diligence. Just like the checklists we provide to members of TheCorporateCounsel.net and our other sites, these are detailed “how-to” outlines for meaningful and relevant matters, created based on our own experience helping companies with their ESG programs and data, and input from others who’ve been doing this work.
  • Well-organized Practice Areas! A big and easily navigable library of curated information from law firms and others on a wide range of environmental, sustainability and supply chain topics. Did your client or executive just call with an obscure disclosure question? Somebody in our network has likely written about it, and you can find it quickly on our site.
  • Current awareness through podcasts! I’ve been interviewing senior level ESG practitioners about meaty topics they’re encountering in their everyday work. Stay in the know on emerging trends and practices. 
  • Q&A! We’ve already been taking questions from our network that will be valuable to others. Members will be able to submit questions on the forum to get input from Ngozi, Liz, me, our other Editors, and our other members who are dealing with similar issues. This will be a valuable place for the community to connect with each other. 
  • Deep-dive analysis! A revised and updated version of my 2018 book, Killing Sustainability, will be ready for your enjoyment. I cover how to oversee supplier compliance with environmental initiatives, involving internal audit, analyzing “materiality,” assessing ESG needs and credentials, how to avoid distractions, and more.

What this means to you: We want to make our resources as useful as possible to you. Email Ngozi (NOkeh@ccrcorp.com), Liz (liz@thecorporatecounsel.net) or me (LHeim@ccrcorp.com) if there are particular ESG topics you’d like to see covered, podcast guests you want to hear from, or features that you would find useful.

Keep following this PracticalESG.com blog for future updates!

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