A new survey from Verdantix shows that corporate executives are looking to back up their ESG talk with putting money on the table. This article summarizes some of the important results. Budgets for 2022 ESG initiatives/programs are seeing increases according to those who responded to the survey.

For instance:

  • ESG/sustainability initiatives will see double-digit increases over 2021 budgets
  • Supply chain sustainability will get more attention and funding in 2022
  • Companies are increasing spending for IT systems to improve ESG data collection, management and metrics support

One theme that runs through the survey results is executives are seeking clarity about ESG. They need realistic and objective analyses, solutions and cost effective tools. Even though they are spending more, corporate leaders want to ensure they are spending wisely. Good call.

Also, as a reminder I will be moderating and presenting at CCRCorp’s Proxy Disclosure and 18th Annual Executive Compensation Conferences (virtual) October 13-15. My session (October 13) is “Your ‘Climate Conscious’ Proxy: Tackling Environmental Disclosures.” I will be joined by JT Ho of Orrick, Shannon Kinney of ConocoPhillips and Tanya Levy-Odom of BlackRock. You can find out more information here.

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