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In an age where inclusivity takes center stage in corporate values, ensuring your business is ADA-compliant goes beyond legal requirements—it’s a moral imperative. The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) serves as the bedrock for establishing an accessible and equitable environment for individuals of all abilities. But beyond legal and ethical considerations, ADA compliance is a sound business decision. Accessible spaces and practices can broaden your customer base, attract top talent, and elevate your company’s reputation as a socially responsible organization.

Helping your organization to become ADA-compliant requires leadership development in a number of key areas:

  • An understanding of the legal and ethical imperatives of ADA and why it’s foundational for an inclusive workplace
  • A comprehensive accessibility audit of your physical and online presence, as well as your policies and practices
  • A willingness to invest in transforming the workplace into a place where people with disabilities can bring their best selves to work
  • A continuous improvement mindset that constantly scans for opportunities for improvement and continues to expand the company’s understanding of disability and neurodiversity.

Being ADA compliant transcends regulatory requirements; it’s a stride towards constructing a workplace embodying the values of equality and inclusivity. By adhering to ADA standards, your company actively contributes to a more diverse, welcoming, and innovative workplace. As the year draws to a close, take the opportunity to review your workplace policies, practices, and accommodations, ensuring they foster environments inclusive of people with disabilities. Consulting a recent ADA Checklist can help you prepare prepare your business for a compliant and inclusive future.

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The Editor

Ngozi Okeh is an experienced leader with a history of driving efforts to conceptualize, define, assess and promote diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) as strategic business processes. Ngozi is currently the Director of DEI at a leading marketing technology company where she develops and executes enterprise-wide DEI initiatives through rigorous strategic planning efforts, community partnerships, leadership collaboration, strategy evaluation, and careful management of communication and buy-in as well as policies and procedures.  Previously, she worked at an independent mortgage bank, where… View Profile