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CultureAmp, a leading employee experience, feedback, and analytics platform recently released its 2024 Report. This report uses Culture Amp’s 34 million employee experience data points and customer feedback on their investments to understand the DEI landscape compared to previous years. Below are some insights from the report demonstrating the waning state of DEI in many companies and the need for companies to continue prioritizing their investments.

  • DEI action-taking slowed in 2023, with fewer companies holding DEI discussions, having dedicated advisory groups, and strategic plans compared to 2021
  • Senior leadership roles and support wane as fewer senior leaders support efforts to improve DEI and fewer companies have a dedicated DEI leadership role compared to 2021
  • Measurement maturity dropped in 2023 (despite evidence of its impact) with fewer companies sharing DEI metrics at executive meetings, making data-driven decisions, and assessing the effectiveness actions compared to 2021.
  • Employees were less satisfied with their companies’ DEI programs and progress in 2023 than in years prior.

While this data is not surprising considering the highly visible backlash on DEI, it signals a critical moment for companies to determine where they stand on their commitments and investments. Those companies who hurried to perform after the murder of George Floyd are finding it hard to maintain their initial commitments to DEI as those were never really grounded in business priorities. Companies prioritizing the work understand why it’s important and specifically why their company sees it as a necessary investment to make a positive social impact, attract the best talent, and create the best work environments for their teams to thrive.

To support your company’s DEI journey and deepen your commitment to the important work, check out our suite of “DEI Strategy” checklists including, “Preparing to Build Your DEI Strategy”, “Overcoming Diversity Fatigue” and “Implementation and Tracking”.

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The Editor

Ngozi Okeh is an experienced leader with a history of driving efforts to conceptualize, define, assess and promote diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) as strategic business processes. Ngozi is currently the Director of DEI at a leading marketing technology company where she develops and executes enterprise-wide DEI initiatives through rigorous strategic planning efforts, community partnerships, leadership collaboration, strategy evaluation, and careful management of communication and buy-in as well as policies and procedures.  Previously, she worked at an independent mortgage bank, where… View Profile