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With 2023 around the corner, I’m reflecting on the wide range of DEI topics and resources we rolled out on this year. In case you missed them, I compiled my favorite topics for you to check out before we head into another year that’s sure to be full of DEI discussion, guidance, and resources.

Note: Some links below are accessible only to members.

Expanding the Scope on Gender

Gender continues to be a big DEI topic as the scope moves from a focus on equity for women to a more inclusive understanding of gender. Workplaces and company offerings have become more inclusive – it’s important that we question traditional norms around gender. The first annual PracticalESG Conference covered this topic during the session “DEI Trends in the Midst of Rapid Change” with guests Cinnamon Clark of McLean and Company and Lisa Kenney of Reimagine Gender. PracticalESG members can play back every session of the conference, including this insightful discussion! To apply the learnings to your organization, check out our checklist “How Companies Can Think Ahead Amidst Changing Gender Norms” on our Checklists page.

Employees Expect More

Several reports reveal that employees don’t believe companies are fulfilling their commitments to DEI. A survey by Edelman determined that employees are losing trust in their companies as a result. From tech to accounting to transportation, employees are ringing the alarm about how the historical and current lack of diversity in major industries negatively impacts the ability to attract and retain women and people from marginalized racial groups.

Doubling Down on the Data

DEI data was a hot topic this year! To support the DEI work that companies are doing, we had a three-part workshop series on, “Collecting DEI Data: What to Measure & Why”, “Equity Audits and Civil Rights Audits”, and “Using DEI Data: Goal-Setting & Reporting”.  The workshop series featured notable guests like Eric Holder, Laura Murphy, and Deesha Dyer, who dropped major gems to help us level up our DEI strategy with data. If you missed it, play back of all three sessions in our webcasts section available to members. We also have a robust menu of checklists to help you collect, analyze, and use data to guide your DEI strategy. To get started, check out the checklists, “What to Measure and Why”, “Creating Metrics for Tracking DEI Progress”, and “Using DEI Data for Goal-Setting and Reporting”, on our Checklists page.

Fighting the Fatigue

We know that DEI work requires us to venture into topics that are emotionally provocative for some and controversial for others and this can be exhausting. Digging into the wide range of DEI topics available can result in fatigue for companies and their DEI leaders, so we’ve got you covered with our checklists “Overcoming Diversity Fatigue” and Fighting ESG Fatigue” on our Checklists Page. DEI leaders will want to dig into strategies for mental health and mindfulness to help them stay grounded as they move DEI forward in their organization.

Minding Mental Health

Speaking of mental health, 2022 brought this issue to the forefront in big ways. With burnout and quiet quitting on the minds of many, it’s essential for employers to support the mental wellness of their employees. Check out the robust and updated checklist “Understanding Your Workforce’s Mental Health Using Data” to understand your workforce’s mental health using data. With this data, you can use our checklist “Identifying the Right Mental Health Programs to Offer Employees” to determine what programs are best for your organization. When you’re ready to write a policy, we’ve got you covered our checklist “How to Write a Mental Health Policy.” All of these checklists can be found on our Checklists page.

Maintaining Momentum

As we continue to see challenges for DEI initiatives, companies should double down on their strategies if they want to move the needle for DEI in their company. With objections to DEI-centered education, affirmative action plans, and discussions on LGBTQIA topics in schools, numerous challenges to DEI initiatives may cause discouragement in some. We say stay the course! And learn ways to protect your DEI gains.

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The Editor

Ngozi Okeh is an experienced leader with a history of driving efforts to conceptualize, define, assess and promote diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) as strategic business processes. Ngozi is currently the Director of DEI at a leading marketing technology company where she develops and executes enterprise-wide DEI initiatives through rigorous strategic planning efforts, community partnerships, leadership collaboration, strategy evaluation, and careful management of communication and buy-in as well as policies and procedures.  Previously, she worked at an independent mortgage bank, where… View Profile