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It is widely known that the UK is developing new sustainability disclosure standards based on the ISSB. While the government was previously planning on endorsing the standards in July, plans have changed and endorsement is not expected until Q1 2025. Responsible Investor recently wrote about the delay stating:

“The UK has announced delays to its sustainability disclosure standards, based on those of the International Sustainability Standards Board (ISSB), which it has dubbed “sustainability reporting standards” (SRS). The latest update from the Department for  Business and Trade (DBT), which is overseeing the work, said the UK government will ‘aim to make’ endorsement decisions on the first two standards by Q1 next year, having previously set the deadline for July this year.”

The consultation and endorsement expected in Q1 2025 does not equate to mandatory disclosure. This process may be confusing for U.S. observers. By endorsing the standards the government is only finalizing the acceptance of the standards, not requiring implementation by regulated entities. However, after the endorsement is complete, the government may opt to move forward with mandatory implementation. A decision on implementation is expected in Q2 2025 and will require additional consultation and approval from Parliament. This means that if implemented, any mandatory reporting requirements will be effective starting in 2027 on 2026 data at the earliest.

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